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Chaussettes FALKE

It's the details that make the difference between the products and the others. Since 1895, the family business FALKE creates trendy clothing in high-end materials, designed in artisanal perfection and attention to detail.

Yes, we dream all awake! Firmly convinced by our visions for lifestyle and aesthetics, we show them in the open. Ok Of course, the perfect design can take on different aspects, but there are one that corresponds to our personal preferences. That's why it's there are more or less large groups of people united by their common preferences for certain lifestyles, certain types of lifestyles, consumption or certain aesthetic trends. It would be an exaggeration to talk about elitist agreements, but it is true that each of these worlds custom-made one reveals a certain ritual behavior. And that's what makes them so irresistible.
A man in a suit has cross-legged legs and wears a matching cravat with his blue FALKE socks
These are the details that make the difference between exceptional products and others.

The universe FALKE is full of multilingual globetrotters, individualists obstinate, curious people eager for discoveries, perfectionists fanatics, delicate creatives and incorrigible aesthetes. Their visual world, their habitat and the way they dress is expression of their deep nature. We feel good about them. And they are the ones we have in mind when we are looking for the ideal shape and the best artisanal quality. These friends, whose spirit joins ours, expect a perfect transposition of their aesthetic vision of modern clothing. We create sweaters, sweaters bodies, thin tights and socks whose design and the harmony of fabrics and colours help us transform our common ideal in reality. So we are a long way from the daydream.
Press Photo Messrs Paul and Franz-Peter Falke
Grey socks from the brand FALKE on a wooden chair
To all people around the world who don't consider luxury as a superficial thing, but who have the conviction that the luxury is to be able to get the best.

At FALKE, we have always strived to preserve our know-how in foot and leg clothing (a tradition developed over the past 120 years) and focus on developing a unique product line. It's for we have surrounded ourselves with outstanding collaborators who do not not just do their job but live it with passion.

These masters in their art control complex knitting machines and use them as carefully as a handcrafted tool. They surprising results and admire. They collaborate with real craftsmen who are becoming increasingly rare Today. The latter have mastered the know-how of the old traditions focused on the search for finesse and ennoblement hosiery items, based on precise and meticulous work. Where machines reach their limits, they intervene to perfect and perfect the products.

We send our craftsmen as scouts. Experts in their field, they know the know where to get excellence, whether it's about alpaca, cashmere, camel hair and silk, the most beautiful merino wool, the finest Scottish yarn or pima cotton from the Peru. All the sources of these noble materials are found in remote areas. And our scouts not only have a great deal of knowledge of these matters, but they also show a great deal of respect for the men and women who still produce these manually using old traditional methods.

We have enlisted the help of our designers who have mastered the shapes and colors as well as patterns and textures. They have the great ability to always rediscover the creative element that will determine the new trend.

And now we're addressing all people all over the world who don't see luxury as a superficial thing but who have the conviction that luxury is to be able to get the best. Because in the end, they didn't no need for luxury. Just knowing that there is no better, this is the real luxury. And every day, putting on their socks, it is a small moment of happiness that is constantly renewed.

We already bet that they will talk about it around them...

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Showing 1 - 43 of 43 items