Homéose: funny name? ...

One could simply look for its definition in the dictionary, but it would be too simple.

"Homeose": For the team that serves you every day, it's a little more than what Wikipedia can reveal to you.

To choose the name, we could have succumbed to the sirens of a deformed or nested Anglicism. It crossed our minds well. But not seduced!

"Homéose": At first glance we discern a small side claim. Finally, man dares.

Yet nothing ostentatious in the process. Just the expression that man, too, the right to have underwear and swimwear studied for its morphology with, icing on the cake, a look of hell.

And then, because the very essence of the word homéose is based on observation and appearance: a man has the right to feel good. A man has the right to please and to please himself.

Homéose for you ...

Created in 2013, by two enthusiasts, Homéose is for all men in search of style and comfort.

With more than 3800 references in stock, Homéose wants to offer you a wide choice on the underwear, the bath, the pajamas, the outfits for the man.

Whether you are classic, romantic, dandy, adventurous, sporty, clubber, seducer or bad boy you will find the most current collections of the biggest brands of underwear.

Homéose is not just a website. It is also a physical shop in Touraine in the heart of France. We open our expertise to as many people as possible with the net or not.

Homéose with you ...

Our goal is to guarantee you safe shopping.

For us, the heart of our business is you. We wanted to put a real premium service at your fingertips:

"Homéose, l'univers de l'homme" it is the insurance to have a large choice of styles to guarantee your comfort and your elegance from the XS to the XXXL so that everyone finds happiness with purchases made in all security & serenity.