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In the end, it is the story of a life, that of a man who gave his name to what is undoubtedly a beautiful adventure in the service of your Welfare. Having started in 1977, Mr. Vargas Snyder has since routed each of the stones in the building as we know it Today. Going through all the steps, from a simple salesman in the his father's ready-to-wear shop, to designer of underwear for Men, for the end today, employ 32 people after having created its own brand.

A perfect and total knowledge of the profession as well as a devouring passion for what he does, allowed Mr. Jesus Vargas Snyder to meet a growing demand. Leaving nothing randomly, everything is being done to highlight the silhouette of man. From the choice of materials, to the clean cuts, adapted to the morphology, through excellent comfort and flawless maintenance. A multitude of judiciously associated elements and perfectly controlled ensure a guaranteed result.

Pleasant to the eye you will discover over the products contrasting minds alternating game of seduction and sporty style, colorful or more sober. Today Joe Snyder® goes beyond the enhancement of manhood; In particular, it is committed to the planet by using packaging degradable since the beginning of 2012.