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A true French way of life

independent, offbeat but masculine above all, such can be defined today the style of HOM, a fashion brand created primarily for men, which has earned it the right to be considered the specialist brand in the world of men's underwear and to establish itself as a true reference.

The aesthetics, the cutting, the shape, quality, product comfort are widely recognised and acclaimed today in underwear collections men's, briefs, underpants, boxers... But also pajamas, jerseys bath and socks for men.

To appreciate the HOM brand, it above all, you have to take the time to dive into your world and discover a wide variety of lifestyles that meet the expectations of today's man :

The HOM Business


The discreet marriage of sobriety and high-end elegance. It shows a subtle luxury.

HOM Temptation

Revisits treasures of the past to better combine them with the present. Timeless the outfits display a chic eroticism never before equaled.

HOM Black Addict


Resolutely connected and in phase advances its time: it is totally in the and in the service of a masculinity that cultivates its appearance and concerned with every detail.

Hom Sport

The most transgenerational and energy-provider style. It is at the service of the cult of the body and the search for performance.

HOM e.go

Style materialization of nonconformism, the marking of its difference by the choice of unusual clothes. To do this e.Go mixes with intelligence a past/present universe that marks its originality.

Dare perfection in terms of underwear!