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  • 2(x)ist


    2(x)ist. At first sight ; it's a mix of numbers, parentheses and letters. But when pronounced, 2(x)ist becomes an action word. 2 (x) ist for “to exist”: to be in the moment and without losing sight of what one wants to strive for.

    Made for the confident man, always on the move, always anticipating the next evolution.

    With the belief that style is created from the basics, 2(x)ist takes inspiration from style for the everyday man who seeks to seduce. We are your confidant, life coach, your secret weapon ... and you will always be our reason for existing.

    In 1991, 2(x)ist developed the very first push-up for underwear, adapted to the male anatomy and his need for movement. Combined with the avant-garde design and its highly advanced technology, 2(x)ist has revolutionized the basics and made it an essential.

    Today, 2(x)ist keeps its quality promise. 2(x)ist has its own research and development department, 2(x)ist creates styles from the most advanced fabrics and techniques for well-thought-out durable garments that sacrifice nothing for comfort.

  • 3G Actualwear
  • AD Fétish

    AD Fétish

    The latest Hispanic, the ADF collections are based on styles that stand out radically from the rest.
    ADF is made in Europe for an optimum satisfaction guarantee.

    Dedicated to men who like to show their sporty side with assertive virility, the ADF range offers products with sought-after styles, of high quality that allow them to stand out and assert themselves.

    Succumb to products made with the best materials, designed with passion and attention to detail. Don't be shy, be a real eye-catcher.



    Simple, fast and efficient! Don't hesitate about choosing your style, Addicted does it for you with an indefinable sexy charm and Sports. Everything is gathered here to bring you the long-awaited success. A Perfect design that makes all the difference by offering an excellent maintains while enhancing your figure. Add to this design bold acidic and contrasting summer colors, and here you are ready for a look that will no doubt be envied.

    Strengthening your style for a few years now, Addicted always amazes more in the course of the new developments. Whether with the bathing gear for holidays, underwear or even indoor outfits, result is for sure a beautiful feat. With a team of professionals who work body and soul for your satisfaction , quality, comfort and freedom of movement are at the rendezvous and will not leave you indifferent.

    Dare to become "Addicted"!

  • Alexander COBB

    Alexander COBB

    Alexander COBB© underwear is your second skin. A perfect combination of materials, cotton and elastin, contemporary cuts, and non-repetitive samples in limited editions.

  • Andrew Christian

    Andrew Christian

    Founded in 2001 by the Man who gave his name to what is now the symbol of the modern and sexy man. The brand, Andrew Christian sublime man and his forms on a daily basis.
    With a talent for make everything he touches sexy and trendy, Andrew Christian knew give its products a perfect and unique aesthetic. Sexy, colorful and with an enviable style of all, Andrew Christian surprises day after Day. The "naughty" and "malicious" spirit found in the brand, in fact today its success. Innovating more and more, Andrew Christian has been able to produce products of unparalleled comfort. Quality products mainly made in the United States are suitable for athletes. Making Man desirable even in the moments of effort.

    Serving the "charm" part of your Andrew Christian is one of the few to use to date, bamboo in its products. Offering you, thanks to the association of this fibre to other textiles, products that are resistant to time and many washes, but not only. Pleasant to wear because sweet and flexible, this fiber is made up of micropores allowing it to Breathe.

    Oscar Wilde says it with talent, "The best way to resist temptation is to give in to it" but you, will you dare?

  • Athéna


    Since 1962, the date of its creation, Athena® has perfectly found its place in men's wardrobes. The right balance between style and classic, it is always with a little madness that the spirit of the brand stands out and seduces. With more than 50 years of know-how and experience, Athena® has given its products the strengths to stay on trend.

    In addition to excellent value for money, comfort and support are present and go perfectly with the cuts ideally designed to accompany your every movement without hindrance. Embracing all the shapes of your body to appropriate and enhance them, every detail is studied to adapt to your body type. Colorful, graphic and in keeping with current trends, Athena® products are easy to maintain.

    Do not hesitate ; whether your choice is a colorful, sporty, seductive product, satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Barcode Berlin

    Barcode Berlin

    Sexy, independent, authentic, Berlin. An early bird in the competition.

    Berlin 2009

    East Berlin. Born in the early days of sports- and fetish-wear. Barcode-Berlin with the first innovative design ideas on the market, at a time when nobody could imagine going on the hunt in a combination of harness, lace-shorts and backless underwear or in football-socks and a wresting suit. Meet hundreds of sportswear and fetish fans from all over the world. 

    Berlin 2019

    The passion developed further with enthusiasm - Barcode - has now become part of a global lifestyle trend for freedom, tolerance, fantasies, fun, travel, sports, circuit and me-time.



    Bikkembergs is the brand that finds creative inspiration in the union between the sensuality of fashion and the strength of sport. Established in 1986 by the homonymous designer, a member of the avant-garde fashion collective known as the "Antwerp Six”, over the years the brand has developed a style that exudes straightforward self confidence.



    BlueBuck believes mountains are made to be climbed, rivers made to swim. Enjoying life means getting wet, getting hot and cold, exhausting yourself, spending extra time.

    BlueBuck believes that self-confidence is more attractive than self-obsession.

    BlueBuck believes that caring about quality means products will look better and last longer.

    That's why BlueBuck decided to do something different with their underwear. A range that does not hide from being masculine, designed and manufactured with total attention to detail, quality and comfort.

    With the highest quality organic cotton, a superb fit, a chic, soft but strong herringbone waistband, sturdy chunky seams, and wood antlers for a great logo.

    All stages of production are based in Europe. The elastic waistband is made in Austria. The cotton labels are made in Italy. The manufacture of the thread and the fabric, the cutting and the assembly are carried out in Portugal.

    Products available in single colors and three models. They look great, are comfortable to wear, last a long time and fit perfectly.

    Bluebuck. Life is a great adventure.

  • Body Art
  • Breedwell
  • Burlington


    Dare to be different - Dare to Burlington!

    The traditional diamond pattern, depicting diamonds and overlapping tiles, is deeply rooted in British history. Already known in the 18th century as a symbol of belonging among Scottish clans, this design was made popular even on socks by the Cambells of Argyle, the most powerful clan of all.

    The Burlington style is marked by the Scottish diamond motif, Argyle, which has always accompanied the brand.

    The first sock with the typical diamond appeared in 1975 in Germany and was an instant hit.
    Today, the Burlington Argyle is both tradition and modernity.

    Thanks to its originality and its strong character, this style embodies modernity in the four corners of the world. Expression of an individual way of life, reinterpreting the British style in an international spirit with a playful nod to traditions, this style is unclassifiable, because it is yours.

    A good appearance strikes the eye, the character leaves a lasting impression. No doubt it is the inner values ​​that count, but should we forgo the appearance? Socks with character have these two qualities: a strong personality and an incomparable look. Discover your favorite socks and elevate your look from head to socks.

    Since 2008, under the traditional FALKE brand, Burlington has optimized its quality and has therefore brought its own signature to the world of socks. In Europe and in the brand's home town of Schmallenberg, the original Burlington socks are made from premium materials. Whether you are looking for a traditional diamond pattern or a trendy one, seasonal items or socks for the festive days, we have the perfect socks for every mood, for every style and, quite simply, for every occasion.

  • Calvin Klein

    Calvin Klein

    Calvin Klein is the iconic figure of award-winning American ready-to-wear in 1999 & 2001, known for their unisex fragrance CK One, jeans, glasses and underwear.

    Calvin Klein is today one of the leading fashion design studios in the world and is among the most prestigious "broadcast" lines.

    Calvin Klein is therefore naturally establishing itself as a staple in men's lingerie thanks to models crafted with impeccable quality that will bring you refinement, comfort and well-being.

  • Dagobert à l’envers


    Since its inception in 1978, Diesel has experienced a meteoric rise from a pioneer of denim in the world of casual ready-to-wear to a true alternative in the luxury market. Despite this, Diesel's philosophy remains unchanged: passion, individuality and freedom of expression are the hallmarks of the brand and its founder, Renzo Rosso. Diesel rhymes with change: the brand creates more than 3,000 new products per season. Each piece bears witness to a long creative process for an ever so innovative result.

    Diesel's manifesto: We decode the world around us, we deconstruct it and we transform it. We see it differently, these differences bring us closer to you. Make your way and let's move forward together hand in hand.



    Originaires de Willowdale (Ontario), les jumeaux Dean et Dan Caten sont actifs dans le monde de la mode internationale depuis 1984. En 1983, ils s'installent à New York pour s'inscrire à la Parson's School of Design avant de s'établir en 1991 en Italie. En 1994, après plusieurs collaborations avec les plus grandes maisons de mode, ils dévoilent leur toute première collection pour homme, marquant ainsi le début d'une longue série de défilés extravagants destinés à retenir l'attention des journalistes et des acheteurs, grâce à une combinaison parfaite entre mode, musique et théâtre.
    C'est l'association ingénieuse de l'esprit irrévérencieux canadien, du savoir-faire italien raffiné et de l'attention accordée aux détails qui constituent les principes fondateurs de la philosophie Dsquared2, de laquelle est né un concept unique de luxe alternatif. Les dernières collections Dsquared2 ont su conquérir un public élargi et, grâce à leur maturité stylistique, se sont révélées encore plus chics et sophistiquées, tout en conservant une inspiration sexy et provocatrice. Cette évolution s'explique également par l'inspiration depuis toujours internationale de Dean et Dan, qui parviennent à partager leur vie entre Londres et Milan tout en faisant réaliser leurs collections en Italie :« Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy ».

  • Eden Park

    Eden Park

    The brand was founded in 1987 by rugby union players (Franck Mesnel, Éric Blanc, Philippe Guillard, Yvon Rousset and Jean-Baptiste Lafond) from the Racing club de France.
    It takes its name from the New Zealand stadium where the All Blacks play, Auckland's Eden Park where the first rugby world cup final was played in 1987, featuring France and New Zealand.

    When in 1987, Franck Mesnel envisioned creating a rugby-inspired ready-to-wear brand, reflecting the premium French lifestyle, the name Eden Park and the pink bow tie for logo were obvious choices. .

    This attitude was part of the enormous demand they forced themselves to adhere to, both on the game and on appearance.

    The brand is present in around thirty countries.

  • Eminence


    Heirs to a long tradition, the Eminence collections call for the best of innovation. Each model is developed and implemented point in France, a guarantee of quality and unrivalled comfort.

    The Eminence products bear the label Textile Confidence This reliable label guarantees consumers products that are beyond the care of (controls on harmful substances related to the use of

  • Emporio Armani
  • ES collection

    ES collection

    ES Collection was founded in 2006 in Barcelona, and was dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of swimwear for Men.

    A few months after its launch and thanks to the success meeting in Spain, Es Collection has freed itself from the borders to be offered in Europe (Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark ...), and then, very quickly, in the United States, Japan, Russia, Canada, and Mexico.

    Es-Collection currently has 28 branded boutiques located in major cities around the world and more than 240 outlets on five continents.

    Today not only does the company design swimwear, but is also has become a reference and is therefore naturally established as a a must-have lingerie for modern and dynamic men for underwear, loungewear or casualwear.

    Es Collection transmits through its collections a way of life inspired by the air of the times.

    From design to tailoring, Es Collection remains attentive to all levels to create high-quality items in a spirit innovation by listening to those who are doing so are success: its customers.



    It's the details that make the difference between the products and the others. Since 1895, the family business FALKE creates trendy clothing in high-end materials, designed in artisanal perfection and attention to detail.

    Yes, we dream all awake! Firmly convinced by our visions for lifestyle and aesthetics, we show them in the open. Ok Of course, the perfect design can take on different aspects, but there are one that corresponds to our personal preferences. That's why it's there are more or less large groups of people united by their common preferences for certain lifestyles, certain types of lifestyles, consumption or certain aesthetic trends. It would be an exaggeration to talk about elitist agreements, but it is true that each of these worlds custom-made one reveals a certain ritual behavior. And that's what makes them so irresistible.
    A man in a suit has cross-legged legs and wears a matching cravat with his blue FALKE socks
    These are the details that make the difference between exceptional products and others.

    The universe FALKE is full of multilingual globetrotters, individualists obstinate, curious people eager for discoveries, perfectionists fanatics, delicate creatives and incorrigible aesthetes. Their visual world, their habitat and the way they dress is expression of their deep nature. We feel good about them. And they are the ones we have in mind when we are looking for the ideal shape and the best artisanal quality. These friends, whose spirit joins ours, expect a perfect transposition of their aesthetic vision of modern clothing. We create sweaters, sweaters bodies, thin tights and socks whose design and the harmony of fabrics and colours help us transform our common ideal in reality. So we are a long way from the daydream.
    Press Photo Messrs Paul and Franz-Peter Falke
    Grey socks from the brand FALKE on a wooden chair
    To all people around the world who don't consider luxury as a superficial thing, but who have the conviction that the luxury is to be able to get the best.

    At FALKE, we have always strived to preserve our know-how in foot and leg clothing (a tradition developed over the past 120 years) and focus on developing a unique product line. It's for we have surrounded ourselves with outstanding collaborators who do not not just do their job but live it with passion.

    These masters in their art control complex knitting machines and use them as carefully as a handcrafted tool. They surprising results and admire. They collaborate with real craftsmen who are becoming increasingly rare Today. The latter have mastered the know-how of the old traditions focused on the search for finesse and ennoblement hosiery items, based on precise and meticulous work. Where machines reach their limits, they intervene to perfect and perfect the products.

    We send our craftsmen as scouts. Experts in their field, they know the know where to get excellence, whether it's about alpaca, cashmere, camel hair and silk, the most beautiful merino wool, the finest Scottish yarn or pima cotton from the Peru. All the sources of these noble materials are found in remote areas. And our scouts not only have a great deal of knowledge of these matters, but they also show a great deal of respect for the men and women who still produce these manually using old traditional methods.

    We have enlisted the help of our designers who have mastered the shapes and colors as well as patterns and textures. They have the great ability to always rediscover the creative element that will determine the new trend.

    And now we're addressing all people all over the world who don't see luxury as a superficial thing but who have the conviction that luxury is to be able to get the best. Because in the end, they didn't no need for luxury. Just knowing that there is no better, this is the real luxury. And every day, putting on their socks, it is a small moment of happiness that is constantly renewed.

    We already bet that they will talk about it around them...

  • Garçon Français

    Garçon Français

    In 2012, Garçon Français created the new generation of men's underwear with high quality products, trendy cuts in a multitude of colors. The collection is organized around four men's underwear: the long men's boxer brief, the men's brief, the men's boxer (or men's shorty) as well as the men's tank top (or men's marcel). About ten colors make up the French-made underwear collection, the variations vary according to the seasons for trendy men's lingerie.

    Garçon Français is the underwear brand for all men, and offers a large choice of sizes from S to XXL (36 to 48). Young and old boys alike will certainly find their happiness among the selection of boxer briefs made in France or briefs made in France.

    Garçon Français underwear is made in France, in the city of Troyes, with respect for quality and French know-how. French boy works every day to offer you a brand of high-end men's lingerie.

    Choose made in France underwear, choose Garçon Français for 100% French underwear!

  • Gigo


    Gigo has been using a palette of colors and a graphic language since 2004 which makes it unique today. In sport, at the beach or in private, Gigo dresses your virility in harmonious colors that will set you apart. With a sporty and young spirit, your figure is highlighted here for the pleasure of the eyes. The pleasure you will find when wearing it with comfort and support that goes beyond all expectations.

    With collections in shimmering colors, Gigo fits in with current fashions and offers a wide choice of products. Its product catalog is a real invitation for a trip to the land of 1001 and one colors, ensuring you a total change of scenery.

    Dare to wear colorful underwear!

  • Gregg
  • Guasch


    Your identity, our style.

    Since 1859, we have brought together tradition and innovation so that you can find your own world, no matter where you are.

    When you are surrounded by your loved ones, when you travel, what do you want to be?

    At Guasch, we want you to be as comfortable as possible, as stylish as possible for the occasion, and to do this, we offer you several pieces of clothing designed exclusively for you.
    A new way to express yourself when you are yourself, in private.

    Because everything begins and ends with you ...

    We want to remain ourselves, Mediterranean, Barcelona, ​​with the passion that has given us the worldwide fame of our products.
    Over 150 years choosing the best materials with the care you recognize.
    Love for the product and commitment to our customers, the true influencers of our handkerchiefs, pajamas, swimsuits and boxers.
    Our style is recognizable, but also adapted to the changes of our customers.
    During the processes, on the materials and the markets, by incorporating the best professionals, ours and in collaboration, for the realization of the collections.

  • HOM


    A true French way of life

    independent, offbeat but masculine above all, such can be defined today the style of HOM, a fashion brand created primarily for men, which has earned it the right to be considered the specialist brand in the world of men's underwear and to establish itself as a true reference.

    The aesthetics, the cutting, the shape, quality, product comfort are widely recognised and acclaimed today in underwear collections men's, briefs, underpants, boxers... But also pajamas, jerseys bath and socks for men.

    To appreciate the HOM brand, it above all, you have to take the time to dive into your world and discover a wide variety of lifestyles that meet the expectations of today's man :

    The HOM Business


    The discreet marriage of sobriety and high-end elegance. It shows a subtle luxury.

    HOM Temptation

    Revisits treasures of the past to better combine them with the present. Timeless the outfits display a chic eroticism never before equaled.

    HOM Black Addict


    Resolutely connected and in phase advances its time: it is totally in the and in the service of a masculinity that cultivates its appearance and concerned with every detail.

    Hom Sport

    The most transgenerational and energy-provider style. It is at the service of the cult of the body and the search for performance.

    HOM e.go

    Style materialization of nonconformism, the marking of its difference by the choice of unusual clothes. To do this e.Go mixes with intelligence a past/present universe that marks its originality.

    Dare perfection in terms of underwear!



    With I Am What I Wear: the trendy underwear.

    The new generation is attentive to trends but also to respect for the planet.

    It is on this basis that the brand made a promise: to combine fashion, sustainable development, creativity, style and the natural origin of popular materials.

    Enjoy dynamic and vibrant colors and bold style prints.

  • Impetus


    Design, Quality and Comfort!
    The IMPETUS Group has started its business textiles in 1973. Today, with several companies and about 860 employees (693 in Portugal), the group an annual production of 4,650,000 items
    The main motivation of the brand ensure all stages of the process, from sewing to packaging and shipping.
    Thanks to the quality of its products, the company has won over new customers markets and is now a benchmark in this sector.
    Production and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and safe.
    The team stylists and researchers, supported by other technicians specialized in modeling are dedicated to research and the implementation of implementing new technologies continuously.

  • Joe Snyder

    Joe Snyder

    In the end, it is the story of a life, that of a man who gave his name to what is undoubtedly a beautiful adventure in the service of your Welfare. Having started in 1977, Mr. Vargas Snyder has since routed each of the stones in the building as we know it Today. Going through all the steps, from a simple salesman in the his father's ready-to-wear shop, to designer of underwear for Men, for the end today, employ 32 people after having created its own brand.

    A perfect and total knowledge of the profession as well as a devouring passion for what he does, allowed Mr. Jesus Vargas Snyder to meet a growing demand. Leaving nothing randomly, everything is being done to highlight the silhouette of man. From the choice of materials, to the clean cuts, adapted to the morphology, through excellent comfort and flawless maintenance. A multitude of judiciously associated elements and perfectly controlled ensure a guaranteed result.

    Pleasant to the eye you will discover over the products contrasting minds alternating game of seduction and sporty style, colorful or more sober. Today Joe Snyder® goes beyond the enhancement of manhood; In particular, it is committed to the planet by using packaging degradable since the beginning of 2012.

  • Kaporal


    With an unstoppable vintage spirit, Kaporal® has established itself for the past ten years as one of the leading brands in fashion. Now inevitable in both male and female wardrobes, this French brand was born in 2003 in Marseille in the south of France. Created by Laurent Emsellem, it is now in around 100 boutiques and at 1000 different retailers that you can discover or rediscover his creations.

    Real performance of the brand, giving you access to products with a unique style and an excellent quality / price ratio. An economic advantage allowing you to indulge yourself by matching one product with another.

  • Kler
  • L'Homme Invisible

    L'Homme Invisible

    The Invisible Man is one of the pioneering brands in the high-end men's underwear. It is also with The Man Invisible that the concept of men's lingerie was born.

    Man Invisible shakes man's dusty wardrobes, and presents a modern man, sensual and well in his body. From now on, the men's underwear will no longer be the same.

    Forerunner in the underwear, The Invisible Man is followed by all fashion actors. The Invisible Man has become a leader unavoidable and undeniable in the sector, it inspires other brands to follow the same path.

    The collections cultivate a Very pop live style. Colours and prints are at the heart of his collections since its inception. The Invisible Man's underwear all of the seams are kept to a minimum, the cut follows the shapes of the body without impeding movement. The Invisible Man is the first in the early 1990s to remove the labels sewn inside that scratched the skin.

    Today The Invisible Man wants to be even more luxurious, even more comfortable, by offering cuts today, innovative materials and a more efficient product. Ecological.

    The Invisible Man above all is a passion for product and a spirit of well-being, and will continue to innovate for the comfort and elegance.

  • Labonal


    Specialist in quality socks since 1924, Labonal employs 105 people at its Dambach-la-Ville site in Alsace and has a fleet of state-of-the-art machines capable of producing 4,000,000 pairs per year!

    The design of models, the search for new processes, new materials, as well as the development of collections constitute the heart of their profession, and are therefore at the center of their organization.

    Their Research & Development department represents 10% of their workforce.

    From the development of color ranges to the final development of their products, a team of 13 people closely study socks.

    Their culture and values.

    • A French industrial culture
    • The long-term quality requirement
    • The search for perfection in the details
    • A taste for innovation
    • A strong individual commitment to the service of the brand and the company

    Labonal socks are made in France and are subject to special attention at all stages of the manufacturing process.

  • LogoShirt
  • Manstore
  • Mariner


    Maskulo is a menswear brand founded in 2014, a Russian company located in the heart of "cold" Siberia. Maskulo chooses the best fabric suppliers, wherever they are.

    The idea of ​​the Maskulo brand is illustrated in the slogan "Exposed masculinity". For us, this means that our clothes make every man feel sexy and attractive. We make a lot of effort to create clothes that increase the sex appeal of the wearer. You know that everyone is attractive by his virile nature, right?
    It only remains to highlight the right places. That's why we offer leggings, wrestling suits, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, jockstraps, shorts and accessories of the highest quality, made from the finest materials and made with the finest materials. greatest care.

    Remember that sportswear can be fun and sexy. You just have to choose what suits you best.

  • Modus Vivendi

    Modus Vivendi

    With a philosophy of its own, the Modus Vivendi brand is brilliantly in an increasingly competitive market. Created by Christos Bibitsis in 1989, Modus Vivendi means in Latin "way of "live" and perfectly reflects the spirit of this strong brand of its almost 25 years of experience. Avant-garde and design-making difference, passion is the key word of these full achievements creativity. All made in Greece, Modus Vivendi brings the most great care to create products with constant control of the quality and use of high-end materials.

    Evolutionary in its various collections, you will find in Modus Vivendi, fantasy, originality, and unique products all with the same point common: excellent value for money.

    Let the spirit be unconventional, unusual, sexy or casual, these products with meticulous finishes, are pleasant to wear thanks to the comfort of the cuts and the materials used that are always more soft to the touch.

    Dare a brand for which every detail makes all the difference.

  • Onne
  • Outtox


    Introducing Outtox, the new fetish clothing brand for men.

    Outtox creates clothes for the bold and energetic man.

    No party, romantic date, or even an everyday outfit can be imagined without underwear. Here Outtox creates different items to bring a fetish atmosphere to your life. Briefs and trunks are represented with four types of back: normal, open, zipped and wrapped. All Outtox underwear are made of stretchy and breathable microperforated material that brings you more comfort while wearing them. Outtox briefs have 3 different types of fronts - try several to find the one that suits you best.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • Puma


    Fall under the spell of the PUMA collection.

    How do you motivate yourself? By setting goals for yourself.
    For someone who is willing to change the rules of the game, our values are easy to understand. Be Courageous. Be confident. Be determined. Be cheerful.

    Since 1948, PUMA innovations have been central to the history of sport. Moments full of emotion, animated by science.

  • Quriosé


    Explore your individuality and thrive with our unique collections of men's underwear.

    Discover Quriosé, a bold brand dedicated to self-expression and self-acceptance. We believe that everyone can celebrate their own individuality and feel sexy in their own skin. With our unique collections, we invite you to redefine yourself, embrace your sensuality, and love yourself as you are.

    Unique pieces for personal expression

    Quriosé is much more than just a men's underwear brand. It offers pieces that go beyond the ordinary, rare, intriguing, and daring creations. Our name, a blend of the words 'Curio' and 'Osé,' reflects the brand's mission: to provide you with accessories and underwear that enhance your masculine physique and highlight your sensuality.

    A commitment to diversity and self-respect

    At Quriosé, we believe in self-acceptance and mutual respect. We do not want to be labeled as a fetish or erotic brand because, for us, it is all about pleasure, fantasies, and personal expression. Express yourself as you wish, whenever and wherever you want. We are here to celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging, not just integration.

    Unique and responsible designs

    Quriosé is committed to offering you the most beautiful designs at a fair price while ensuring responsible and sustainable production. We prioritize local sourcing in Europe to minimize our impact on the environment. Each piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail, in line with our dedication to continuous improvement.

    Quriosé: Express your sensuality, celebrate your body, and create your own identity. Be curious and explore unique collections of men's underwear. Discover a brand that encourages personal growth and self-pride. Join the Quriosé adventure today!

  • Replay


    A wind of freedom blows that the brand REPLAY. The Credo Replay: quality and authentic clothing that adapts to everyone.
    The famous Italian fashion designer Claudio Buziol launched the Replay brand in 1978.
    Over the years, he has managed to gain the loyalty of these fans thanks to impeccable cuts of incomparable comfort.

    Success guaranteed for more relaxation, for more seduction ...

  • Scotch & Soda

    Scotch & Soda

    Scotch & Soda celebrates the free spirit of Amsterdam. Endlessly optimistic, we’re inspired by the liberal outlook of our home city, championing individuality, authenticity and the power of self-expression to create the unique – an attitude reflected in our designs.

    Scotch & Soda's men's underwear is the perfect choice for those seeking comfort, style, and quality. With their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to premium materials, Scotch & Soda offers a range of underwear that combines functionality and aesthetics.

    When you slip into a pair of Scotch & Soda underwear, you immediately feel at ease thanks to their soft and breathable fabrics that perfectly hug your body. Whether you prefer briefs, boxers, or trunks, the brand provides a variety of styles to cater to all tastes and preferences. Additionally, the underwear is designed to offer optimal support, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

    When it comes to style, Scotch & Soda doesn't compromise. Their designs are modern, bold, and unique, featuring original patterns, vibrant colors, and trendy prints. Whether you want to showcase your personality with eye-catching patterns or opt for more classic and sophisticated colors, Scotch & Soda offers options for every style and occasion.

    Lastly, the quality of Scotch & Soda's underwear is unparalleled. The brand is dedicated to creating durable products that stand the test of time. Strong seams and impeccable finishes guarantee exceptional longevity, making it a worthwhile investment.

    In summary, Scotch & Soda's men's underwear combines comfort, style, and quality. With their attention to detail, variety of styles, and premium materials, they are the ideal choice for men who value both their appearance and well-being. Discover the Scotch & Soda collection today and add a touch of sophistication to your underwear drawer

  • Speedo
  • Timotéo


    Created in 2001 in Los Angeles, you will find in Timotéo the spirit of the sport of the great American schools. Worn by celebrities and top athletes, this brand is undeniably athletic and sporty, but that's not all.

    With contrasting colors, cuts studied down to the smallest detail, it will be a real charming asset in your wardrobe.
    Comfortable and sexy in all situations Timotéo values your masculinity at first sight.

    Dare a style apart!

  • TOF Paris

    TOF Paris

    The TOF mens sexy clothing brand Paris (for Trends Of Friends) is created by Sylvain in Paris in 2014 with the desire to bring a touch to the men's wardrobe originality, far from the standards and uniformity imposed by world's leading men's ready-to-wear brands. Love, friendship, joie de vivre, the desire to please and seduce are the man's constant quest. TOF Paris offers collections resolutely modern for a laid-back and urban style, inspired by trends to give new life to the classics.

    Designed and manufactured in France

    Since originally, TOF Paris has chosen to work with companies renowned in the world of clothing for their know-how. Has at a time when most brands are manufacturing in Turkey, China, in Pakistan or Portugal, TOF Paris produces clothing in France creator at affordable prices.

    The bet of comfort and quality

    Grace choice of quality raw materials, the brand's clothing combine design and comfort. Each model is tested to check that its qualities are maintained over time. Selected for their quality and durability, most fabrics are made in France.

    Well-stocked collections

    - Underwear Collection: Boxer and tank top, sports or sexy fashion, in colour, in black or white, TOF underwear is worn in evening with a suit jacket or in sexy underwear.

    - Hot Collection: Mostly made with faux-leather, the range sexy reappropriates the codes of fetish clothing. Boxers, pants, T-shirts, and tank tops are becoming accessible to as many people as possible.

    - Casual Collection: On the street, at the gym or on the beach... In the city or on holiday! 100% or very little cotton jersey materials elasthanne, or viscose.

    - Sportswear Collection: At the gym or on holiday, comfortable tank tops, shorts and swimsuits.

    A dream, a passion, a will ...

    The story Sylvain is unremarkable. Born in 1977 in Douala (Cameroon), he is born of a modest family. Inspired by his seamstress mother, he draws and created models for friends and family at the age of 12. Has local festivals, ceremonies and weddings, orders are pouring in.

    But material necessities push him to to study law. A hard worker, he gets a DEA in business law, and teaches the law of obligations and criminal proceedings at Douala University.

    It was in 2005 that he decides to go to France to realize his childhood dream: be a fashion designer. He then took courses in modeling and ESMOD styling.

    Despite the doubts of his friends and the guard of his family, he perseveres, overcomes obstacles and ends up to create TOF Paris in 2014.

    His first collection aroused a lot of enthusiasm and immediately met with the support of the public.

  • Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger

    In a few years, with the enthusiasm and faith of a self-taught, Tommy Hilfiger has managed to create a veritable empire, competing directly the biggest brands.

    Its 100% US tricolor logo has become the symbol of a sportswear elegance a little elitist.

    Tommy HILFIGER is one of the world's leading designer brands and is internationally recognized for celebrating the essence of cool style American classic.

    Founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger offers a High-end style offering quality, comfort and style around the world TOMMY HILFIGER and TOMMY JEANS.

    Founder Tommy Hilfiger remains the company's principal designer and provides the leadership and direction for the design process.

  • Walking Jack

    Walking Jack

    Walking Jack is a European brand of men's underwear launched in 2018 in Greece. She offers some of the most comfortable underwear around, in timeless designs and contemporary, figure-hugging styles. The collections combine popular basics, like black, white and blue, as well as custom sublimation prints, designed and made exclusively for Walking Jack. Walking Jack creates men's underwear that goes the distance!

    Walking Jack offers underwear that lasts and can be worn any day, anytime. Walking Jack has tested and selected high quality fabrics, yarns and belts to make underwear that holds its shape and is tough enough to support an active man's lifestyle. The comfort offered by our models is associated with a new interpretation of the classic design of underwear.

  • Wojoer


    WOJOER is synonymous with sparkling, young, innovative, lascivious indecent, soft, resistant, seductive and 100% made in Saxony (Germanic region). If you want to keep up with the pace, be prepared to face it.

    Wojoer is a Wonneberger Manufaktur brand which has experience in textiles dating back over a century. They are endlessly creative when designing new styles.

    No compromise on quality is accepted. The materials are tested, innovative, particularly suitable and ergonomic.

    The look is unique, the feel of the fabrics is indescribable. Wojoer is basically the little extra "luxury" under the jeans and always flattering and provocative once the pants are off.

    Once tried, you will never come out of ecstasy. The comfort will amaze you, because everything is finely crafted. A soft and silky second skin on a resistant and durable weft

    WOJOER is the designer of comfortable and sexy men's underwear, thongs, briefs, boxers, shorts, pants.