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BlueBuck believes mountains are made to be climbed, rivers made to swim. Enjoying life means getting wet, getting hot and cold, exhausting yourself, spending extra time.

BlueBuck believes that self-confidence is more attractive than self-obsession.

BlueBuck believes that caring about quality means products will look better and last longer.

That's why BlueBuck decided to do something different with their underwear. A range that does not hide from being masculine, designed and manufactured with total attention to detail, quality and comfort.

With the highest quality organic cotton, a superb fit, a chic, soft but strong herringbone waistband, sturdy chunky seams, and wood antlers for a great logo.

All stages of production are based in Europe. The elastic waistband is made in Austria. The cotton labels are made in Italy. The manufacture of the thread and the fabric, the cutting and the assembly are carried out in Portugal.

Products available in single colors and three models. They look great, are comfortable to wear, last a long time and fit perfectly.

Bluebuck. Life is a great adventure.