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The Invisible Man is one of the pioneering brands in the high-end men's underwear. It is also with The Man Invisible that the concept of men's lingerie was born.

Man Invisible shakes man's dusty wardrobes, and presents a modern man, sensual and well in his body. From now on, the men's underwear will no longer be the same.

Forerunner in the underwear, The Invisible Man is followed by all fashion actors. The Invisible Man has become a leader unavoidable and undeniable in the sector, it inspires other brands to follow the same path.

The collections cultivate a Very pop live style. Colours and prints are at the heart of his collections since its inception. The Invisible Man's underwear all of the seams are kept to a minimum, the cut follows the shapes of the body without impeding movement. The Invisible Man is the first in the early 1990s to remove the labels sewn inside that scratched the skin.

Today The Invisible Man wants to be even more luxurious, even more comfortable, by offering cuts today, innovative materials and a more efficient product. Ecological.

The Invisible Man above all is a passion for product and a spirit of well-being, and will continue to innovate for the comfort and elegance.