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WOJOER is synonymous with sparkling, young, innovative, lascivious indecent, soft, resistant, seductive and 100% made in Saxony (Germanic region). If you want to keep up with the pace, be prepared to face it.

Wojoer is a Wonneberger Manufaktur brand which has experience in textiles dating back over a century. They are endlessly creative when designing new styles.

No compromise on quality is accepted. The materials are tested, innovative, particularly suitable and ergonomic.

The look is unique, the feel of the fabrics is indescribable. Wojoer is basically the little extra "luxury" under the jeans and always flattering and provocative once the pants are off.

Once tried, you will never come out of ecstasy. The comfort will amaze you, because everything is finely crafted. A soft and silky second skin on a resistant and durable weft

WOJOER is the designer of comfortable and sexy men's underwear, thongs, briefs, boxers, shorts, pants.