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Your identity, our style.

Since 1859, we have brought together tradition and innovation so that you can find your own world, no matter where you are.

When you are surrounded by your loved ones, when you travel, what do you want to be?

At Guasch, we want you to be as comfortable as possible, as stylish as possible for the occasion, and to do this, we offer you several pieces of clothing designed exclusively for you.
A new way to express yourself when you are yourself, in private.

Because everything begins and ends with you ...

We want to remain ourselves, Mediterranean, Barcelona, ​​with the passion that has given us the worldwide fame of our products.
Over 150 years choosing the best materials with the care you recognize.
Love for the product and commitment to our customers, the true influencers of our handkerchiefs, pajamas, swimsuits and boxers.
Our style is recognizable, but also adapted to the changes of our customers.
During the processes, on the materials and the markets, by incorporating the best professionals, ours and in collaboration, for the realization of the collections.