Men's underwear, a short story?

A long time ago, men's underwear was on the index.
In the Middle Ages, men's underwear was used to protect oneself from the aggressive linings with protruding seams of the clothes of the time.
Later some nobles had the privilege of being dressed in silk.

If for the woman the underwear has quickly become the asset seduction, it will be necessary to wait until the mid-twentieth century that we finally take an interest in male comfort.

Certainly, until then, the male undergarment, as primitive as it was, did not prevent the "male" from having children. But the materials, the colors of the time were limited ... their comfort too.

Technology and society, two factors in favor of male comfort.

The evolution of society but also that of textiles now allow men to benefit from maintaining at the height of what mother nature has given them.

Floating underpants, or American underpants for men, remain marginal in the choice of these gentlemen. The briefs and boxers followed suit because they have evolved considerably.

The briefs are back in fashion and are adorned with pockets of ease adapted to the morphology of each. The boxer or shorty (low waisted boxer) is available in 3 versions :
- The long boxer, long prerogative of teenagers in vogue.
- The classic boxer, No. 1 in lot sales.
- And the short boxer or "trunk" that allows you to be well covered where you need to.

The comfort, the maintenance... perfect! But the Look?

Here too, the choice of materials, colours or prints has expanded considerably; like that of cuts.

Often the gentleman is a fan of sport and practices it... The maintenance in the physical exercise being essential for the performance, ingenious men have developed more adapted cuts, such as the tanga which frees the movement. And it is in this spirit that the Jockstrap or Jock was born in the United States.

And no, at first, nothing sexy; Basically, the jock, or "suspensoir" in good French, is to the man what the bra is to the woman. Equipped with a protective shell, its role is to promote the maintenance and protection of the parts during the effort thanks to elastics or straps (straps).

Very quickly a wind of dynamism and modernity allowed the underwear to go from a dull image, often white, navy, gray or black to more advantageous colors and lines.

And when we talk about design for clothes that stick to the skin, we touch on seduction. To please oneself (it is important) but also to please the other.

No wonder to see the thong, virile version, make its appearance in the drawer of gentleman.

The men's thong is also used to hide under very thin or very white pants.

Specialist brands with solid experience.

We have solicited and chosen the brands that are most respectful of the male anatomy. Calvin Klein boxers, Ho1 Hom briefs, Es Collection tangas, Modus vivendi minibriefs, Joe Snyder thongs or L'Homme Invisible are at the service of innovation, comfort and support for men. Each of the brands we have selected is committed to the well-being and satisfaction of every man who succumbs to their product. 

Underwear and so what? that's all

And no, one leg after the other...

The latest novelties both in the service of comfort and maintenance as well as look are also available for the seaside.

Today boys who want briefs, boxers or swimming shorts that come out of the frame of the black uniform finally have the choice for the beach, the pool

But gentleman likes to cocoon. Thus, Hom pajamas, Modus Vivendi indoor outfits, long John underpants or warm or thermal clothing can be part of the wardrobe of the modern male.

Homeosis, the universe of the good man (at ease) in his underwear.

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